Our Rigorous Process

In-depth analysis

At our initial meeting we will identify your financial goals. Your assets and liabilities, stage of life, attitude to risk, investment horizon, cashflow requirements and ongoing personal priorities are all given careful consideration at the planning stage. The results of this initial meeting will be reflected in the selection of asset classes we decide to invest in on your behalf, which could include a range of bonds, equities, mutual funds, alternative investments and currency – with each one given the specialist and appropriate weighting.

Performance Measurement

An appropriate benchmark may be a recognised index or combination of indices or an industry accepted measure. The importance of a benchmark is that you have the comfort of knowing that your portfolio is being managed in accordance with the agreed strategy and that a transparent method of judging portfolio performance is in place. Regular reviews ensures that your portfolio is being managed within your pre-defined risk and investment parameters.

Active management

Through ongoing active investment management, portfolios are regularly reviewed to see that they continue to perform as intended. Our aim is to maintain a carefully-constructed portfolio positioned to deliver in accordance with your agreed investment strategy. Your Portfolio Manager will utilise all the resources of global investment data and advice available to ensure that you benefit from a private investor service of the highest standard.

Global resource

Our parent company, Aberdeen Asset Management, enables us to have access to Group research on individual stocks, capital markets, currencies and economic trends. In addition to this, our locally-based investment team collate and analyse extensively the research material from quality international stockbrokers, fund management houses and other financial institutions.

Looking after your interests

We firmly respect client individuality, and, through regular contact and reporting, we can ensure that your portfolio always reflects your changing needs. As you would expect, we maintain the utmost confidentiality about our clients’ financial affairs.