Keeping you Informed

Your Portfolio Manager will report to you and your advisers, where appropriate, at agreed intervals in writing and in person. This 2-way process allows us to understand any changes in your investment parameters, provide information on performance and advise you of any developments in markets and investment opportunities. We believe that such regular contact underpins the development of mutual trust and confidence – the cornerstone of a long-term relationship.

In addition to regular meetings with your Portfolio Manager, you will be provided with regular reports on the progress of your portfolio. Included in these reports will be:

  • A valuation at the end of the review period
  • A full account of all investment transactions during the period
  • Background information on historic market movement
  • Our outlook for the future

On an annual basis you will receive details of all transactions for tax purposes.

Reviews are regularly undertaken , which allows us to make any adjustments to your portfolio indicated by changing market conditions, or by changes in your personal circumstances.

Our aim is to communicate openly, honestly and regularly to ensure that investment decisions are based on shared information and data.