Bespoke Portfolio Service

At Aberdeen Private Wealth Management, we understand that many investors simply do not have the time to construct and manage a portfolio of investments, assess investment opportunities, monitor market and currency movements and effectively control the day to day administration of their investable assets. This forms the basis of our Bespoke Portfolio Service which is available to clients with assets ranging in size from £750,000 to many millions.

Understanding your needs

In dealing with the specific financial affairs of each of our clients, it is essential for us to understand fully their current financial position, together with their objectives and future requirements. At our initial meeting your Portfolio Manager will ascertain your priorities, which will form the basis of your Bespoke Portfolio. This analysis serves as the starting point from which we develop your personal wealth management strategy.

Dedicated Portfolio Manager

Our Portfolio Managers have a depth of experience which enables them to translate your personal priorities into financial objectives. They can then develop individual investment strategies to help you realize your goals. Their high quality personal service is supported and enhanced by access to the global resources of Aberdeen.

Bespoke Portfolio construction

We have the expertise to construct an appropriate portfolio to meet your individual requirements. As well as in-depth knowledge of international stock markets, we have the experience to devise an investment strategy that balances risk and return and which offers solutions that are specific to each and every client. All our portfolios are actively managed to take advantage of investment opportunities in leading markets.

Constant monitoring

We continually evaluate economic trends and how they impact upon corporations, exchange rates, stock markets. Reviews are regularly undertaken, which allows us to make any adjustments to your portfolio indicated by changing market conditions, or by changes in your personal circumstances.

Client focussed

Our specialist Portfolio Managers act for private clients, corporations, trusts, pension funds and charities around the world. Our Portfolio Managers work in small teams with restricted numbers of clients so that the highest standards of service can be provided. Our aim is to establish a mutually rewarding long-term relationship with all of our clients through regular and proactive communication.